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Fridays are for mailboxes on this Bonita Springs real estate blog. When I saw this beauty I decided it would be perfect for a storm or building code post. Turns out we had a wind survey claims expert stop in the office this week which gave me an idea for this mailbox's home post. Anywho, we were told that the free surveys are coming to an end. Make sure you get yours!

The state of Florida has been offering free wind mitigation surveys to Florida home owners from some time, now. The My Safe Florida Home program offers eligible homeowners free wind inspections from qualified hurricane mitigation inspectors.

The mitigation surveys offer an eight point inspection that includes documenting:

  1. The Roof Covering
  2. The Roof Deck Attachment
  3. The Roof to Wall Attachment
  4. The Roof Geometry (and you thought that math would never come in handy again)
  5. Roof Gable End Bracing
  6. The Wall Construction Type
  7. Secondary Water Resistance
  8. Opening Protection (Shutters, Window Film, Hurricane Glass)

The wind inspection can help reduce the insurance rate of your Bonita Springs home. The survey is good for five years and in the future it is expected to be a mandatory inspection for buyers to be able to obtain home owners insurance on a new purchase of a home.

To learn more about wind survey's contact

Visit the FAQ section to learn how a wind survey can help you at: Free Home Inspections