Humans are Aligator Bait

Bonitians Have Feelings, Too

Many of my dear friends live in my computer. I know a network of great people all over the US of A due to social networking and my affiliation with blogging platforms. One of my favorite cupcakes is Sarah Cooper from West by God Virginia. She's on a blogging mission to help redefine the images people have of her fine state. The stereotypes that some have formulated are rather off base and she's on the loose trying to show people the real WV.

A few posts on various blogs have popped up about stereotypes. Even in on Boomer Jack's blog. (You-betcha!) So I thought I'd help Bonita Springs out a little on the stereotyping front. Here are 10 things I've heard that may not be as true as you think about South Florida or Bonita Springs, Florida.

  1. Everyone that lives in Florida has a tan.
  2. Orange trees are everywhere.
  3. Florida Crackers ain't so smart.
  4. Everyone lives on the ocean or gulf.
  5. Bonitian's (people from Bonita Springs) are all transplants from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Not all of them, just some of them.
  6. Every person that has olive skin is from Mexico and cannot understand how ridiculous you sound speaking bigoted English. It may not be in your best interest to call a person from Belize a Mexican. They're proud of their heritage and country and don't take lightly to you changing it through profiling.
  7. Everyone in Florida knows how to golf and enjoys it. Personally, I'd rather scale fish than golf. Ok, I stink at golf and that's why I'd rather scale fish.
  8. Bonita Springs, Fla was named after a beautiful spring. It's was named after a sulfur spring that smells like eggs. Seriously, it's at the Shangri-La Hotel on Old 41 Road. Last time I saw it, it had lily pads and algae in it - and smelled like eggs. Bonita Springs was actually a name a developer thought up back in the day because they didn't think Survey, Florida was sexy enough to sell. Yes, Bonita Springs was once named Survey.
  9. Mosquitoes, snakes, scorpions and seashells are everywhere and alligators stalk humans because they're crunchy and taste good with catsup.
  10. Tamiami Trail was named after an Indian name. Half true. Tamiami is a combination of the word TAmpa and the word MIAMI. The road was named Tamiami because it connected Tampa to Miami.

There you have it, Bonita Springs. If you have any stereotypes about our area or the city of Bonita Springs that you'd like to share, just add them to the comments below.