Parrots on a Mailbox

Bonita Springs Mailbox Theme Number Two

If it's not fish, it's parrots.  In the last week I have found two parrot mailboxes.  This parrot mailbox is in old Bonita Springs just off of Dean Street.  I wish I had a bike.  If I did I'd pedal my brains out all over those back streets.

There are tons of older homes, historic homes and even a few groves or orange trees sprinkled around.  Dean Street is also the home of Bonita Springs Elementary School.   It still stands today.  It is a red brick building with green window transoms.  It's just a beautiful building.  There's a playground behind it and a few old churches in the area, too.

If you decide to take a drive to see the school or the homes in Old Bonita Springs stop at Brauns on the corner of Dean and Old 41 for ice cream, first.  It's the best ice cream deal in town.  It's right across the street from the Shangri-La Hotel.