Bonita Beach Bonita Springs

Just one of those days in Bonita Springs...

Today, I played a little bit of hooky. My intention was to play full hooky but I am so unskilled in hooky playing I failed miserably. I even had to turn around to get gear, at one point, to fully be able to enjoy my hooky. That gear would be sunscreen. Now, although I only live a few miles from the beach, shamefully, I rarely take the opportunity to visit it. This is reflected in my gear forgetting. Who forgets sunscreen on the way to the beach?

By the time I made it to the beach it was nearly 4:00. Technically, it was really 3:00 since the time change just happened. Don't judge, I already admitted to being bad at hooky. I was sidetracked by a few people, a drive by assessment of a home in El Dorado Acres and I turned around again to get the beach towel that I forgot. Yeah, I forgot a beach towel on the way to the beach ... where the water is. Turns out that that American flag beach towel was a sporty accessory!

It was a beautiful day at the Bonita Beach, by the way. When I finally made it there I was met with mounds of shells and sea urchins. We don't get many urchins ashore and there were piles of them. It was so windy I can only surmise that the wind churned up the seas and pushed them up. Tourists were walking with boxes and bags piled high with their perfect choices of coral, sponges, shells, sand dollars and urchins. All the while, sandpipers were running all over the beach.

For those of you who may be coming find your own sea shells in Bonita Springs take a drive down Hickory Blvd. Where you see the colorful flags hanging is free parking with beach access. It's a hot commodity so you might not get a spot, but if you do there usually are acres of private beach to use and enjoy. My next choice is Barefoot Beach Preserve. It's a fee park, I think about $5 or $6 bucks to get in for the car, not per person. It's also a Gopher Tortoise preserve. They also offer canoe rentals and rest room facilities.

If you have a favorite beach in the area that you would like to share, just mention it in the comments below.