Red Rose in Bonita Farms

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For the last thirty-five years southwest Florida, mostly Bonita Springs, has been my home.  I’ve lived in Rosemary Park, San Carlos Estates, Boca Palms, Captain’s Bay, Little Hickory Shores, Brendan Cove and Bonita Farms.  I’m not sure in all of those moves, at all of those homes, at any of those landscapes did I have roses.

Today, I have roses.  It was an impulse buy at Costco of all places. I didn’t buy the plants, Jerry did.  I honestly didn’t think they’d survive.  We’re in our first winter with roses in Bonita Farms.  We still have to see how they tough out the summers but I suspect they will be fine as I have since found a huge hedge of them on Flossmoor Drive when I was showing a home for sale.

So far, they have been of little effort to grow.   We’ve certainly had more temperamental plants in our yard.  They are also in a great spot that we were having a hard time deciding out what to plant.

There are some great rose vendors online but locally we have a fabulous greenhouse/garden store called Driftwood Nursery. If you decide to plant roses I would certainly look for them locally first.