Pink Shoes on Bonita Beach


Who do these "wheels" belong to? I saw them today at Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs and had to snap a picture.  I then thought... 

How great would your life be if you were so excited about who you are, where you were going and what you were about to do that you just ran out of your shoes and abandoned them.  Right there where you were standing - just dropped 'em and trusted they'd be there when you got back.  How I wish these were my shoes. 

Don't you just wish these shoes were yours?

I have albums of shoes photos from Bonita Beach.  Everyone gets to the end of the boardwalk that leads from the parking lot, over the sea oat dunes to the gulf and they get a good look at it all and just walk right out of their shoes.  There are always a pile of shoes patiently waiting for their owners to return.

I guess Bonita Beach is mesmerizing.  This is what they see that makes they walk away without thought or worry that their shoes will be taken:

Bonita Beach Sunset