Photo Shoot Locations Bonita Springs

Photos at Cullums Trail Bonita Springs 44/365

If you are looking for a reason to take family photos or even candid engagement or wedding photos head to Cullum’s Trail.  Cullum’s Trail is a little piece of olde Florida right in the middle of Bonita Springs.  Besides seeing tons of nature the starring attraction is a pretty backdrop at every turn. It’s not used very often by photographers but it should be.  I happened to capture this shot of a photographer shooting near the kayak launch.

The trail runs along the Imperial River at the rustic native end where old cypress trees and knees are in abundance. There is also a stand of oak trees so the photo ops abound.  The trail eventually comes out at Bonita Nature Place.  Other nearby preserves and trails are around if you’re just up for a good walk. There are tons of fun things to do off of Kent Road in Bonita Springs.  Grab your camera and your kids and head out for a walk.

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Paddling the Imperial River in Bonita Springs Florida With Cullum Hasty