Walking Path Naples Florida

Pet Friendly Parks & Paths in Naples, Florida 4/365

Dillon and I are walkers.  We ran into Keith, the mortgage broker, and his dire wolf Koji. We were talking about how smart dogs are and how they never forget.  Dillon never forgets the park.  Actually we have to spell p-a-r-k if we are going to Riverside Park.  I shared with Keith that we went to Freedom Park after not being there for a year and he remembered when I turned in.  He lost his mind over the possibilities of the walk there.  Walk is another word we have to spell.

At any rate, Keith didn’t know about Freedom Park or the Gordon River Greenway! So if you’re looking for things to do or places to walk (with or without your dog) visit either of these locations in Naples, Florida.  They’re sort of across the street from each other.  Millions of cars drive by them and don’t even know what a hidden gem they are missing. 

Here are two stories I wrote for Spotlight Magazine about the parks. Both parks are stroller friendly, mobility friendly, pet friendly and free entry/parking.  Get out there and enjoy your local parks, Bonita Springs!

The Gordon River Greenway Naples Florida
Freedom Park & The Collier County Freedom Memorial Naples