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Retirement in Naples - Marco Island - Bonita Springs

This must be the week for Southwest Florida making top ten lists. Just a few days ago I found out that Lover's Key Beach Was Voted One of Florida's Best Beaches and now I just found an article that reads that the Naples - Marco Island area was nominated as one of the top ten "Healthiest Hometowns" by AARP Magazine.

Here's the link to the entire story:

The part about Naples is on Page 2 of the article.

Since Bonita Springs is the next village north of Naples, that means we're in! <wink> Don't you just love how I invited myself to that party. Why? Because we have beaches just like Naples and Marco Island, simply a few miles north. Plus, the only downside mentioned in the article was, "The downside is high housing prices and a high cost of living. Naples has been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis-but that means you might be able to find some bargains here." Might find bargains? I'm sure you can find bargains, including retirement bargains. I'm even more certain that you can find great deals on Bonita Springs real estate because I see them with my own eyes every day.

The Bonita Springs real estate market has calmed and has maintained at adjusted levels of pricing while inventory is slowly being absorbed. Check out the last few months of absorption of Bonita Springs real estate:

Just a little bit at a time, it's getting picked away. Watch those interest rates. If the prices are no longer going down your next challenge will be interest rates rising. You do want to move here, right? You'll live longer! AARP says so. An average of 80.97 years worth of longer. This just might be a great place to check into real estate if you're looking for a retirement destination.