Wildlife Paparazzi

Bonita Beach Ducks

Barefoot Beach ducks are just a little antisocial at first. They were playing in standing water until the crazy urban bush woman of Bonita Springs started infringing upon their personal space. I slowly squatted down and waited. The mommy was giving me the stink eye but eventutally it dawned on her that the wide angle camera differentiated me from the usual duck hunter. That and I also wasn't wearing camo or orange. She realized that I was merely a nuisance and not dangerous.

They eventually worked up the nerve to head back to the water.

Ducklings in Bonita Springs

Within a minute or two they were all in.

Duckling Bonita Beach

Mother grew tired of the urban bush woman cursing that the camera internal memory was full and that she had forgotten her memory card in the laptop. Imagine the irony of "forgetting" a "memory card". The mother tried shielding her children from the salty language by heading for the hills. The peeps struggle to get over the two inch grass curb. It must look so big to a peep.

Bonita Beach ducklings

The peeps follow their mother diligently. Finally, they've all had enough and a mass exodus is under way. Thank you for the show peeple.

peeple from Bonita Springs

The rest of the peep photos are on flickr right <HERE>