Ulta Estero Coconut Point

Cancer, Cosmetics and Frozen Peas 

Today I stopped into Ulta in Estero Florida at the Coconut Point Mall.  It's a make up, accessory, beauty product store. I'm not really sure how it's classified.  I just know they have isles and isles of make up by literally dozens and dozens of different manufacturers. 

I'm not a huge make up wearer.  I actually stopped in to get concealer.  (For you guys, it covers up blemishes, like pimples).  The concealer isn't for me, but for my friend Donna.  She's going through cancer treatments and takes a lot of medication, which has made her skin and circulatory system quite fragile.  In the midst of a coughing and puking fit (sorry, cancer is ugly) a blood vessel burst in her face.  As if life isn't hard enough for some people, Donna now looks like a battered woman because the whole area around her left eye and most of her cheek is about as black as coal.  It's just awful looking and she wouldn't leave the house out of embarrassment. Bald, skinny and now a black eye - talk about being kicked when you're down.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went to Ulta but just walked up to a woman working there and explained the situation and showed her a spot on my upper arm that I had calculated to be the closest color to my friends skin tone.  The clerk took me to make up that was made for people with serious scars, burns, strawberry birthmarks, etc. explained the application and sent me on my way.

The make up covers the black eye about 95 percent and now my friend isn't quite so sensitive about going out with friends.  It's amazing how a simple tube of make up improved the quality of life for someone in such a difficult position.

If you or someone you now is struggling through the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments know that there are some comfort tools out there to cover skin disorders, scars, black eyes and other issues that come up with cancer treatment.

If you are a cancer survivor or struggling with the fight, I invite you to follow the online crusade of Susan Reynolds and her Boobs on Ice blog to find a little humor or support during your difficult time. 

Today is Susan's surgery.  Everyone should have peas for dinner in support.

Oh, and if you're looking for the Ulta Store is over by the Super Target beside DSW and Pier 1 Imports at the Coconut Mall.