Future Passiflora

Hunted and Found in Bonita Springs Florida

Recently, I took a cruise down Hickory Blvd., swooped into Kings Kew and found the most impressive mailbox flower.  Long story, short: I posted the flower image on Flickr and was told it was a Passiflora, a Passion Flower.  It bubbled for a few weeks until last Sunday I decided to drive up to Driftwood Garden Center in Estero, Florida.

I knew this wasn’t a “job” for Home Depot or Lowes.  I needed pro’s.  I walked in the door of Driftwood Garden Center and knew I was on the right track.  First of all, there was help and lots of it.  I was in the store less than 30 minutes and asked if I needed help several times.  A helpful employee showed me right where the Passiflora was located as he explained how many varieties were available, how to care for them, what they like, don’t like … and such on the way.

They had “my” flower, just the one I was looking for. Just like the one at Kings Kew! [And maybe like Dawn’s in Bradenton]

My Very Own Passiflora

There is back history with me *trying* to be a gardener.  I hope I don’t kill it. The plant specialist at Driftwood Garden Center thought it was hearty enough even for someone as inept as me.

By the way, the store has more than plants.  I saw tons of stuff that would be great gift ideas for anyone.

Here are a few images from around Driftwood Garden Nursery:

  Driftwood Garden in Estero FloridaDriftwood Garden Store

Driftwood Garden Estero

If you’re looking for your own Passiflora to beef up your own home or garden go to Driftwood Garden Center in Estero, Florida.  Here’s a map to Driftwood and their address:


20071 S Tamiami Trail, Estero, FL 33928

(239) 947-9676


Map picture