Bonita Springs dry cleaner

Affordable Dry Cleaning in Bonita Springs

3401 Pelican Landing Pkwy #3, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 (239) 498-2446

Several months ago I stumble onto One Price Cleaners.  I had been a loyal customer of a different cleaner for years but a "creepy" started working there and I had to leave that scene.  It took me three weeks of driving the old cleaners before "creepy" wasn't at work and I could get my clothes back.

Simply by accident I found my new cleaner.  It's in one of the Commercial Bernwood Building complexes in front of Lakemont at Pelican Landing at the Old 41 and US 41 intersection.  I had actually gone behind the building to take photos of the cypress trees.  A little know secret is that there is a preserve with a boardwalk that cuts right though a swamp and cypress head between Bernwood complexes.  I happened to have laundry in my car that day and when I returned from the photo shoot I decided to drop of the clothes to get laundered as a trial.  It's one of the best finds I've ever made in Bonita Springs.  One Price Dry Cleaners will launder, starch and press shirts.  (prices subject to change and probably will so don’t get a tattoo of that price.) That is a fraction of what I was actually paying at creepy cleaners on the other side of Bonita Springs.

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This may not be monumental to most people, but it is to me.  I abhor ironing and much like washing a car or golfing, I stink at it.  There are skilled professionals that are willing to pick up the slack were I lack; and I'm perfectly willing to let them.  Plus, I wonder if it is even possible to wash, dry and iron a shirt more economically at your own home with a great price like that.

One Price Dry Cleaners is located at the Center gate of Pelican Landing of Bonita Springs behind CVS and just across the entrance from Frankie and Johnny's Pizza.

3401 Pelican Landing Pkwy #3, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 (239) 498-2446