Estero Fruit Stand

Happy Birthday Krusty

Today is Krusty's birthday if you didn't guess by the title. I've been put in charge of throwing a soiree with tacos as the entrée, orange soda and a Publix cake. Yes, there was an order placed. Hey, I have to let him think he's getting away with something just for tolerating nick name like Krusty. Don't worry, we'll square it up when he finds out that he's got a pink princess cake.

Although I was going to the Publix store to get the pink princess cake I made a pit stop at Mehmett's in Estero around the corner. Mehmett's is a roadside produce stand. It's an awesome, rustic place because it's sort of an open air store with bins of fruit and vegetables in an old citrus processing barn.

There really aren't many places left to buy a vine ripe tomato in this area. Most of the other stands have closed. I am particular about a tomato being ripe, the real kind of ripe, not gassed in a plant somewhere so I buy local. Mehmett's also has just about any other type of produce you'd need to pick up, too. They have local produce and even some exotics fruits and veggies. Personally, I think the beets are unnecessary but that's my own private Idaho.

Mehmett's Last Stand

'Mehmett's ships fruit, by the way. If you want to send citrus back north, this is a great place to stop. They also bring in strawberries from Plant City that are just about the best in the world.

If you're looking for a place to get the best local veggies in Bonita Springs and Estero visit Mehmett's Last Stand. It's 20921 Tamiami Trail (US 41) in Estero right by Koreshan State Historic Site. It's just one block north of Corkscrew Road.

In the Bonita Springs area there is a fruit stand at the Flamingo Island flea market and a stand at the Lions Club on Pennsylvania Avenue. If you know of any others in the area just add it in the comments section below.