Norris Center Naples Florida

Norris Center Naples Florida 79/365 Things to Do

There is a lot of stuff to do at Norris Center. There are art classes, acting classes, so many more things than I can even comment on. For all intents and purposes, it is a part of Cambier Park but it has its own separate designation. I never really paid any attention to the fact that Norris Center is also a theatre. I go there simply for one reason and one reason only: They have free, full sized pool tables to play pool on. There are also ping pong tables. A couple of tourists were playing there today when I showed up to get a game. There’s a chess set and that game where you slide something over some kind of cheese-like substance and a TV watching area but I usually come here to play pool, exclusively.

I lived in the Western United States for a spell and gathering places were in short supply so people gathered at places with pool tables. Kids are raised in these sorts of places until about 7 PM until it’s time to get the kids home.  Then it’s time for the grown ups to play. I played a lot of pool when I lived out West. I played on teams, won patches so it is great that there is a place in Naples to play.  IF you are looking for fun things to do this is a great place for playing pool and it’s great that the public can do it for free.

Norris Center Recreation Room is located at 755 8th Ave S. Naples, FL 34102



About the author - John Farren is a resident of Naples, Florida and an avid kayaker.