Bonita Springs Model Windo

Great Improvements New Construction in SWFL

At first glance you might not notice it but even on the cloudy day when I took a picture of this model home the room was bright.  I thought that impact glass would have been a nice feature but Kolter Homes even added a transom at the top to bring in more light and add an extra level of finish that many of the usual builders aren’t doing.

Since we had a lull in building it is great to see the take off again and it’s nice to see the competitive changes and improvements a few of the developers are doing to win buyers. 

A small change like transom windows or may seem minor but all of the new construction designs features add up to a nicely finished new home being delivered to the buyer.  Some of the features, like the , are safety issues that can’t be beat because they keep your home safe and save home owners from potential disaster.

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