Swans at Coconut Point Estero

Swans of Coconut Point

There is a large lake with a water feature fountain between Coconut Point Mall and Tamiami Trail. While taking a shortcut from Rapallo I crossed the big wooden bridge by Hemingway's and Moe's and saw this lovely swan keeping house. She's on the south side of the bridge in some bunches of grass. Today, when I took her picture she had company.  Mr. Wonderful is curled up behind her.

I am not sure how long the pair have been on the nest or how long it would take for peeps to hatch. I looked it up online - 35 days after the last egg is laid. There is some serious math involved, here, and some serious guessing as to how many eggs are actually there. They've been on the nest for a few weeks now. I can't wait to see the peeps. There is also a pair of black swans on the lake. I wonder if there will be white peeps, black peeps or two tone peeps.

Now, I look for excuses to cut through Coconut Point. I take the long way from the Brooks or Marsh Landing just so I can ride over the bridge to see Harold and Maude. If you stop in to take a look, just take a look. Don't get too close to them and certainly don't touch them. You can see them by slowly driving by. Everyone is slowly driving by now. The secret is out. Harold and Maude are going to be parents.

For the record, the swans have excellent taste. They've chosen one of the most prime locations in all of Estero. It's waddling distance to just about every convenience.