Multiple Offers Bonita Springs Real Estate

Negotiating Multiple Offers in Bonita Springs Real Estate

How are multiple offers handled in the Bonita Springs, Florida area? Real estate customs vary county to county and state to state.  Multiple offer scenarios begin with two or more offers coming in on a home for sale at the same time.  At the time of the second or subsequent offers all buyers, though their buyer’s agent, are notified that they are involved in a multiple offer scenario by the listing agent of the subject property.  They are each advised to prepare their highest and best offer, including price and terms and to resubmit it to the listing agent by a determined deadline. 

Buyers may refine, change or improve their offer and resubmit it to the listing agent.  Buyers may also exercise the right to retract their offer.

Price and Terms of Purchase Offers

The best offer isn’t always determined by price.  A buyer’s agent may ask the listing agent some pointed questions about the sellers including when would be a good date to close or to offer them lease back opportunities or post closing occupancy opportunities to make their offer look more attractive. 

Choosing the Best of Multiple Offers

As both a listing agent and an active real estate investor in the Bonita Springs real estate market I can share that I have been awarded the sale contract in multiple offer situations simply by adding terms that made the exit more convenient for the home seller.  My last multiple offer purchase for my own real estate portfolio had four offers come in and I was able to create an attractive offer package for the seller to win the contract.  A letter to the seller may also be presented with the contract/offer.  Read about the letter: First Time Home Buyer in San Carlos Park

Verify Buyer Proof of Funds or Credit Worthiness

Handling multiple offers varies from property to property so be sure you select an experienced listing agent who will understand how to negotiate the highest price and the best possible terms for the sale your Bonita Springs home or condo.

Bonita Springs Listing AgentIf you would like to learn more about multiple offer scenarios contact listing agent Chris Griffith by text/call at 239-273-7430. Chris is an experienced listing agent and a Certified Residential Specialist in Bonita Springs, Florida.