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Not long ago, I had an interesting conversation with Rob Aubrey, very smart person who, on a technological level, runs circles around most and he also sells real estate in another part of the country.  We chatted about our real estate markets, the challenges we have in our real estate markets and, of course, the real estate agents we deal with on a daily basics.  Some of whom are not so much fun to work with.

Matter of factly I shared some tale of woe about either a lack luster or lazy real estate agent and what he said to me hit me like a bucket of water to the face, “Chris, you’re entering a no-skill real estate market, again.”

We always hear about how cyclical real estate is and it’s true.  As an industry, we jokingly labeled the real estate agents who got into the business in 2004 as “order takers”.  It required absolutely no skill or knowledge to sell real estate in ‘04. Zip, Nada.  Recently, the market shook loose, real estate listings got scarce and real estate in entry level started selling easily and the no-skill real estate agents has come back.

On the heels of that phone conversation with Rob I spoke via Google hangout with a friend of mine, who is a Denver Luxury Real Estate Agent, about interviewing with potential home sellers with the no-skill real estate agents oozing back into the market.  She said, “The way I see it is that the biggest challenge most home seller’s have if they hire the no-skill agent is negotiation. Not every agent is a good negotiator. Period.”  Those no-skill agents who are either new to the real estate career or getting back into real estate after working a job during the difficult housing market have little to no negotiation skills.  They’ve lost the creative or ingenious edge that puts deals together and makes home sellers money or get a home buyer their dream home.

It goes without saying that those agents got out of the market when they could have proven their mettle, if they were so skilled.  When they get back into the real estate market and compete for listings they are often the real estate agent who also “buys listings”. They’ll list at any price the seller demands because they either need a listing or they don’t care how fast or slow it sells.

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Bonita Springs, Florida you really do need to ask your agent what sort of negotiating experience they have.  Ask them:

What sort of challenges or surprises have you had in the last few months?

  • How will you *actually* make me more money by using you to sell my home in Bonita Springs?
  • How will you get me a new home when there are multiple offers?
  • What happens if there is a non-favorable home inspection whether I’m a buyer or a seller?

Seriously, these are three larger aspects of negotiating a real estate transaction that can separate the men from the boys or the order takers from the career real estate agents in Bonita Springs, Florida or wherever you’re buying or selling real estate.