Naples St. Patrick's Day Parade

 Naples St. Patrick’s Day Parade 72/365 Things To Do

The annual Naples St. Patrick’s Day parade is a local tradition going back forty plus years.  It was organized by fun loving locals to celebrate Irish heritage and St. Patrick’s Day.  The Naples St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest privately funded parade in the state of Florida.    The mission of the parade is to donate all funds raised by their charity to local high school music programs and educational scholarships. 

The parade usually begins later in the morning with a ceremony at 8th Street S and 12th Ave. N. with the raising of the flag, singing of the national anthem, a prayer and a grand marshal ceremony.  The parade route occasionally varies so it would be wise to check the parade website for the current route and line up of participants so you will know when your float or attraction will be coming through.

This parade is a great time but remember to wear sunscreen and maybe even bring an umbrella to go with the chair you bring. Many folks pull a cooler in a wagons so they can have cold water.  If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a must.

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