Old Broad Running  

Too Old For This Crap 

My morning started bright and early...again. I am staying on schedule for the big Naples half marathon tomorrow.  I plugged in my iPod so I could sync it with Nike+ and got this announcement:  Congratulations, You've Run 500 Miles on this iPod!  500!  I AM SPARTA?!!  This revelation was followed by my little buddy, running partner and Keller Williams associate, Carey Birch texting me announcing his anxiousness to get it over  and a photo of his breakfast.  It's a license to eat at this point, right? 

We've trained really hard, but I will admit right now that I just want to finish and I will be using every minute of the three hours permitted to complete it.  I do not think I will be an Accidental Champion on this run.  It's really an effort to run these distances and I tip my hat to the local running clubs DDD and Fort Myers Track Club.  They're out there doing it every single day and they're the first over the line at every one of these races.  I will again state that I believe they are all cyborgs.

After this race, our next race after this will be a measly 5K at the Coconut Point Mall. Read also:  Susan G Komen Race for the Cure | Coconut Point Mall 5K (if you're looking for a group to train or run with we want you to join us)

Thank you to all my friends supporters who kindly encourage me and drink wine for me during this period of absolutely nothing but running and eating well.   I can hardly wait to toast at dinner on Sunday night with my knees on ice.