Mallow Cup

Hidden Gems in Bonita Springs, Florida

Remember Mallow Cups? I do. It had been decades since I'd had one and then one day I stumbled back onto them in when I visited the Ben Franklin Store in Amherst, Ohio. I bought the whole box on the spot. The girl working the register said any time someone walks in and sees them, the whole box is purchased. If you don't know what a Mallow Cup is, it's shaped like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but inside is coconut and marshmallow. I know. Take a deep breath, it will be OK. Collect yourself!

For the last few years my mother has brought mallow cups every fall when she returns to Bonita Springs for the winter. Any time she has a friend coming to town from Amherst, she has them run by Ben's and pick up a box of them to bring with them. The price of admission to Bonita Springs, Florida is a box of Mallow Cups.

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the store just a couple of blocks from my house and find Mallow Cups starting back at me in all of its refined, sugary glory. I bought the entire box immediately. I was ambushed by the family when I walked through the door. We've all developed a palate for Mallow Cups. Hey, there's more to me than just real estate, I'm a candy connoisseur, too.

My secret Mallow Cup stash is at the Kangaroo gas station near Target on West Terry Street in Bonita Springs. The Kangaroo store that just sold that winning "gas for life" lottery ticket. No, it wasn't to me. Boo!

I am now on my way to the store to get that box before someone reads this post and steals my stash!