Bonita Springs Cullums Bonita Trail

Mushroom Hunt at Cullum’s Bonita Trail | 169/365 Things to Do

It may sound silly to look for mushrooms but if you have children and you struggle with getting them outside and their faces out of electronic devices this is a great exercise with minimal time commitment. 

First, Cullum’s Bonita Trail is not a huge time commitment so you can keep the kids focused and organized.  Second, after our summer rains mushrooms come out.  I learned this after being voluntold that I was entered in the Bonita Springs Film Festival. I used to take a lot of photos and tiny things were my favorite so I made a silly movie about mushrooms at Cullum’s Trail. There are literally dozens and dozens of tiny mushrooms growing all over the forest and on the bark of trees. 

You can easily create a contest about who can find the most or different types of mushrooms while on the walk. It gets everyone out of the house and it gets kids in nature.  Of course, you shouldn’t pick the mushrooms, just take pictures and tally how many you found.  You will also be amazed at how many other types of animals and bugs you might find, too.

To learn more, read also: Cullum’s Bonita Trail and you can see the ridiculous mushroom movie, here.