Bonita Springs Moving

Alternatives to Hiring A Mover in Bonita Springs

Well, I'm rounding the bend on closing one of my listings in San Remo at Palmira in Bonita Springs, Florida. I stopped by to help the buyer and their agent do their final walk through. The owners had packed, cleaned and left the home. Their "Pod" was in the driveway. As I waited for the buyer and the agent the Pod truck pulled up. I hadn't seen how they were loaded or how they may or may not get bumped around so I hopped out of my car, camera in hand, and watched.

The huge metal rack lowers the wheels and becomes an independent devise that is gas powered and maneuvered to the Pod by the operator. The metal rack goes over the Pod and hooks to it, picks the Pod up and then the truck is backed right under the whole Pod and rack. The Pod is then lowered onto the flatbed of the truck and the wheels retracted upward to the metal rack. The whole process took only a few minutes. Even under pressure of a dozen or so neighbors watching, the operator was swift and out of there in minutes.

It is a very effective way to pack a home the way you want it packed. The Pod is dropped off at your convenience, packed by you, locked by you and delivered to your next home - across town or across the country (like this one went) or stored until your home is ready. It's a fantastic concept.

A word of caution to Bonita Springs homeowners, many home owner associations may have rules regarding the use of Pods or the length of time a Pod can be on site without violating local home owner association rules. Check with your management company and secure permission through the proper channels prior to having a Pod delivered.

If you'd like more information about moving with Pods visit their official website: