Bonita Springs movies in the aprk

Movies at Riverside Park 67/365 Things to Do

During the temperate winter season there are tons of activities on schedule at Riverside Park.  One of the family favorites is movies in the park.  The city of Bonita Springs has a variety of movie events that are put on schedule.  The movies in the park are free to attend.  Generally the movies are sponsored by a local business or service organization.  The movies are often classic movies or animated movies with G rating so it’s fun for all ages.

There are food vendors on site during the movies and they often sell drinks, ice cream, snack foods, popcorn and such.  Many people bring their own snacks and drinks.

The movie screen is an inflatable screen set up in front of the Band Shell.  There are no chairs so attendees are encouraged to either bring their own chairs or blankets. 

It’s a good time for everyone.  Even though there is a movie playing many of the kids are running around, playing tag or just goofing. It’s a very fun event and one of the lowest cost things to do with kids in Bonita Springs.

The movies are scheduled at varying times every year so you can find out more on the official Bonita Springs Facebook page to keep tabs on the next event.