Some Legs, Since This Post Doesn’t Have Any

This morning I woke up in a cold sweat and panic. Miley Cyrus was moving to Florida and she was buying a house for $157,842 in Fountain Lakes in beautiful, down town Estero, Florida. The breakfast nook is red, by the way. There’s no accounting for taste with some of those entertainment business folks.

First, you have to understand that there are no little children living in my house so I really don’t know who Hannah Montana is and I wasn’t even an achey breaky fan of Billy Ray. That was just as random as random could be. All I thought was that it must have been that black bean fajita I had before I went to bed. Thank God I’ve never eaten Taco Bell fast food. I can hardly manage home made delusions.

At breakfast I said under my breath, I had the weirdest dream about Miley Cyrus. It was then that I was told an episode of Family Guy was playing when I fell asleep staring Miley Cyrus as a robot. That totally explains everything.

Folks ask me how I come up with what I write about and usually I tell them that its something that happened this week in real life or an answered question from a reader that called or emailed. This week it’s about Miley dreams because my figurative plate has been full and I thought the online comments would be hilarious. I could use a little fun these days. I’m sure you could, too. The climate and the current events have been a total drag.

Truth be told, I occasionally write something about heated issues like foreclosure and bank bail outs partly to entertain myself. The online jackal faction is generally predictable and occasionally I challenge myself to use a word or two that is no more than a match strike from fun. I’ve not had the courage to strike the political match, though it would make for great jackal food. Frankly, the online comments digress to Obama, Bush and Reagan all on their own so there isn’t a reason to bring up the subject matter anyway.

What I say in print or online doesn’t really change the way the earth pivots on its axis, anyway. I’m just a blogger who get’s her fragmented thoughts tossed into print on occasion. I’m not The Bloggess, Crystal or Chickens in The Road by any stretch of the means.

While this column has no point this week other than finding a way to get Miley, politics and foreclosure into print I will further complicate things by now asking for you all just to be nice to each other for a change. The person beside you could be fighting a bigger battle than you know. Quit sucker punching each other, it’s highly unattractive.

Yes, this is what I wrote about this week. Yes, this is why Naples Daily News pays me the big bucks. Now, go forth and be nice to someone, even if they’re a Democrat.


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