Nerd on Nerd Hate Crimes

By special request, a Mailbox Series post.  I didn't realize they were missed.  I have pictures of more to put up, I've just been slacking. Here's to getting back on track...

At the north end of Hickory Boulevard in Bonita Springs, I have a listing on the beach.  Like on the beach, beach.  It's a primo piece of real estate.  The view is outstanding.  Anywho, I had to run up to the condo and put a keybox on for a showing and passed the Medieval Madness Mailboxes for the billionth time and decided to take a photo.  To me they look like they belong on the playfield by the castle.

Why are these mailboxes so special to deserve the coveted Friday spot?  They look average and unassuming, no?  I just decided to post them to mess with the subculture of pinball people eagerly pouring over google alerts and craigslist ads hoping to score a totally shopped out Medieval Maddness Pinball for $800.  Oh, I know, that was just plain wrong.  I figure at least I'll get a snarky email or comment for saying that.  Someone busted out in sweat waiting for the page to load.

Now that  you've been dragged here hoping to find a MM for $800 I feel bad.  Not really.   Enjoy your weekend.  If you're in Orlando hit up Rocky's Replay.  I'm not sure if there's and MM there but there are others to help you drown out the pain.  You're always welcome to come over and play mine.  Bring your quarters.