Bonita Springs dolphin

Friday is For Dolphis and Tall Ones

Recently, I joined Rotary International. I'm having a great time meeting so many new people and getting involved with the community. Why did I join Rotary? To serve the community and to get out and meet people. Real people, not just the one's living in my computer. A little human interaction. What task does Rotary immediately assign me? Writing programs and newsletters. It seems I can't escape the written word or the computer. Not that I was *really* trying.

Yesterday, at noon Rotary which is held at Spanish Wells Golf and Country Club, our guest speaker was Dr. Aswani Volety. The big kahuna in charge of marine science at FGCU. He announced that August 9th at Carl Johnson boat launch volunteers are able to participate in rebuilding oyster beds. You see, the professor heads up a program where old oyster shells from restaurants are bagged and put in the bay at *just the right time* and in *just the right place* to make baby oysters grow. The oysters are needed to keep our water systems balanced and healthy. The marine program is feather in the cap of Bonita Springs. There is nothing like it anywhere else in Southwest Florida. It's located on Fish Trap Bay on Bonita Beach Road.

So who is this "Tall One" and what does she have to do with this? She liked this mailbox and has an interest in Marine Science. So I decided to tribute this Fridays mailbox series to all things marine and those who enjoy mariney things.

If you're looking for things to do or a way to get involved as a volunteer, stay tuned about the Oyster rebuild project. I'll have more detail on how to get involved soon.

Oh, and the mailbox is on Hickory Blvd. on Bonita Beach. It's one of many, there's a theme going on there.