Dead fish mailbox

Dead Fish Mailbox | Old Bonita Springs

You were all holding your breath for the mailbox du jour, I just know it. Special thanx to a humongous issue with Quick Books and my extension looming in the not so distant future for getting me slightly derailed from the important things; blogging about mailboxes. I think it’s all under control or at least it will be when I drop this whole sordid mess off at Weibel, Hennels and Carufe, CPA on Monday afternoon.

Now, on to the mailbox. I know that there are people bored to tears that work near the dog track that have been dying to see how I top my last week cheater mailboxes from Lowes. I actually took the Lowes employee up on his lead on the “ugliest mailbox in Bonita Springs”. It’s hiding on Carl Circle. Carl Circle is just off of Dean Street & Matheson in Old Bonita Springs. Homes have huge lots there and there are still remnants of orange groves. Most of our historic homes are in this area, as well as a few new homes.

When I turned onto Matheson I realized that it had been almost 20 years since I’d been back there. My husband (who is someone else’s problem now) and I almost bought a home there. It was a builder model and it was just so new and beautiful. Sadly, it was a time in our lives when it wasn’t affordable. My twins were toddlers and we so needed the room. We were living in a home that had less than 600 square feet of living space and no heat.

Fortunately, things have changed over the past few decades. I’ve managed to get a little more room and Lumberjack, the boy twin is closing on his first home, today. He purchased a lovely starter home in the “State Streets” area of Bonita Springs, Florida.

You see, Bonita Springs real estate is selling and lenders are still lending money. Mortgages are still being given. The boy has decent credit for someone slightly shy of 21 years of age and he is a saver. He’s saved his rear end off and the banks like that. They also like that he pays his bills on time. I think he is on to something.

  • Pay your bills
  • Save money for back up
  • Keep your credit clean
  • Banks will lend you money

Now, I just have to find a really ugly, tacky, embarrassing mailbox to give him as a house warming gift. I mean, on top of all the other pranks that we’re planning. Not to worry, each and every prank will be photo documented and blogged about for your reading pleasure. It is hell being one of my children…