She Don't Call, She Don't Write ...

Florida has its share of critters. I passed this mailbox the other day, a gray rainy day, and saw this frog hanging out. He was in Brendan Cove in Bonita Springs, Florida.

I call these tree frogs. I don’t know if that is what they are. This kind of frog hangs out by porch lamps and eats bugs. Though they are really small, not bigger than a plum, their body holds about a quart of water. If you’ve ever been smacked by one of them, it feels like it anyway.

Like chameleons or Carolina Anole they can change colors. I’ve seen them purple before, green, beige, brown.

I thought it was a fluke for this frog to be out during the daytime. They are usually sleeping. I’ve seen him since with the sun out even, on the same mailbox. Maybe because the box is black it is warm and he’s over our recent cold snap, too. I know that I am.

Here’s another little frog I found by accident a while back.  Isn't he cute?