Luna Pizza Estero

Luna Pizza at Miromar Outlet

Who doesn't want to know where to get the best slice in town? Anywhere you go, you want to least I do.

Well, I've saved everyone in Bonita Springs and Estero the bother wading through bad pizza. Luna Pizza in Estero is the BEST in Estero. Period. It's over 10 miles from my home and I make trip past a dozen other pizza joints just to pick it up. They offer pizza by the slice or whole pie.

My favorite pizza at Luna Pizza is their version of a Martguerita pizza - Fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella - fresh basil. I tried to sneak in last night just minutes before it closed and missed it, but took home a slice of white cheese and spinach and a whole plain cheese to go. (which means I don't have to cook today)

When's the last time you had a great piece of pizza?

If you are in Bonita Springs, Estero or South Fort Myers head to Miromar Outlets and treat yourself to Luna Pizza. It's located at the end of Miromar Outlets that is closest to Corkscrew Road and the International Design Center. If you're in Stoneybrook or Grandezza, it's just across the street.

This local post was brought to you by Chris Griffith -  If you would like to dispute the findings that Luna is the best pizza in Estero, Florida you can send your competing entry (large cheese) to my office. My panels of judges is waiting.