Lover's Key Beach

Lover's Key Beach - Bonita Beach - Barefoot Beach

Did you know that two of the top ten Florida beaches as listed by the Travel Channel are located in Lee County Florida? It looks like Southwest Florida beaches are IT! Sanibel Island is a given and almost always makes any beach list. Lover's Key has made the list this year, too. Lover's Key Beach is just north of Bonita Beach and Barefoot Beach right before Fort Myers Beach drawbridge. Lover's Key is also connected to Dog Beach, the only pet friendly beach in the area.

I wonder if the people that visit the beaches to nominate them or review them have ever been to Barefoot Beach Preserve. It's in Collier County, just a mile or two from Bonita Beach. Any time I have buyers visiting the area looking to purchase their own Bonita Springs real estate I send them to that beach. They always report back a fantastic review.

If you're wondering where the rest of the beaches in the top ten Florida beaches are located:

1. South Beach

2. Siesta Key Beach

3. Palm Beach

4. Lovers Key Beach

5. Clearwater Beach

6. Smathers Beach

7. Sanspur Beach

8. Panama City Beach

9. Sanibel Beach

10. Daytona Beach