west bay club fan

Coming Soon: West Bay Club Tour

Ya know, I just love details like this.  It's one of the prettier ceiling fans I've seen.  As a matter of fact just about everything is pretty at West Bay Club.   It's all about the details, don't you think?

Today, West Bay Club invited our office of Keller Williams agents to the Jasmine towers in West Bay.  The views are outstanding, by the way.  I ended up touring the community and snapping some photos and such so I can bring the amenities to you.  In a day or so, as time allows, I'll add the page.  I just felt that I needed to share the West Bay Club fan right away.  The world probably couldn't wait to see it either.  If you want to see this fan up close and in person, just give me a call.  If you live in West Bay Club you can take the fan tour at the Fitness Clubhouse downstairs. 

You can always pick up one of those awesome tower condo's at Jasmine and put this fan on your back lanai and sip that mojito while the sun goes down.  How about a lanai like this one:

west bay club jasmine