New Pass Bonita Springs

Come Any Closer & I'll Jump!

This is a thankless job.  There are times when it is fun to sell real estate and there are times when it would be more fun to have my fingers crushed in a door.  There are things that real estate agents do that is such hard work.  Well, some of us. No one really knows about it or is ever told about.  We clean up messes, fix disputes, preview properties, show properties, you name it.

It would be so much easier to do some of this stuff if the other agents just did their job.  In the last few days I have written a contract on home that has been on the market for over a year.  The agent and the buyer are going to be grumpy when they get the low offer.  Geeze, I wish I could call the owner and let them know that their home has the wrong legal description in the MLS, the street name is spelled wrong, an a few other little tid bits that have kept most agents from even finding it.  Other properties that I showed along side of this one had issues two.  I wish I could let them know but I am precluded by the rules of being a REALTOR.  Even if I could, why do I have to be the real estate police?

While doing a CMA for a listing in Bonita Springs Golf and Country Club I found five listings that were in the wrong Geo Code.  Anyone searching for homes in Bonita Springs Golf & CC would search in BN06.  There are five homes from across Bonita Springs that are not searchable by their Geo code because theirs reads BN06.  I actually emailed the listing agents (this was back in June) and not one of them has been changed.  I wish I could tell the owners.

I tried to preview a property today, after having set the appointment last Saturday to show it on Sunday, to be denied showing it on Sunday, to have the appointment moved to Wednesday. I drove 12 miles, one way, out of my way to get to the property only to have it have no keybox on it.  Even though the agent told me it had one and the MLS indicates it does, it doesn't.  I called the agent to have them not answer their phone.  They still haven't called back.  I am just trying to sell his listing.  You know, do his job.  Now I get to sell it with about 3 gallons less fuel in my car.  Wonder if he'll send me twelve bucks.  Make that 6 gallons of gas I got screwed out of.  If he ever calls me back I get to drive back there, again.  Lucky me.  Another listing down the way had issues quite similar and when I tried to take photos of it today the tenant wouldn't let me in, even though I had a confirmed appointment.

Another agent has given me the gift of an attorney managed closing.  There's an oxymoron.  We're already a week late on closing and still no end is in sight.  That agent represents the sellers who have an attorney that wasn't smart enough to prepare a deed correctly.  The attorney also doesn't know that THE SELLERS NUMBERS NEVER CHANGE.  Their paperwork could have been completed a month ago.  My buyer has his third lender package getting sent to close this transaction up.  Yes, third.

This is starting to exhaust me.  I'm thinking of becoming an ice cream cone maker at Dairy Queen or a Walmart greeter.  I've been driven to the brink by people that don't give two craps about their job.

Every time I read comments from The Jackals about how much real estate agents are over paid and do nothing for their pay I wish they could just see what happens behind the scenes.  This isn't fun sometimes and personally, there isn't enough pay in my humble opinion.

Now, if you'll excuse me I am going to show a lawyer how to properly prepare a deed so my buyer can close on his home.  Thank gawd he didn't choose medical school.