The Heart of a Giant

Security Doesn't Cost, It Pays

The tenant in an Eldorado Acres home moved out and didn't leave a key. After I gave it a valiant effort at attempted burglary the owner of the home asked me for a locksmith to just pick the locks and rekey the door. I gave the owner Mikey G's number and she set up an appointment for that afternoon. Mikey G first was introduced to me well over a decade ago. I owned a little furniture store that was burglarized and he was the locksmith the sheriff told me to call to get a lock on for the night. It was the middle of the night and I was standing in a parking lot in my pajamas. Fortunately, he was the right person to call. His locksmith company is called A Good Locksmith in case you need him.

Today, Mike picked a lock rekeyed two locks, fixed a broken something-or-other inside the doorknob, got the sliding door working again and reset the garage door opener so that the old clickers wouldn't work, in the event there were "extras" rolling around out there. That had never even occurred to me! I just love him. He's one of those good guys you always hear about.

Although I wasn't aware of it, Mike has another business (besides being a locksmith) that has to do with a unique type of filtered water - Kangen Water. After chatting, while he was picking the lock he turned to me after I told him about my Mom's issues with her cancer treatments and the side effects and said, "I have a three gallon jug of water in my car. I want you to take it to your mom, it may help." Right there, boom, puts a three gallon jug of water in my car and tells me to call when I need more. Who does nice stuff like that anymore? He doesn't even know my Mom and he's doing nice stuff for her.

I drove over to my Mom's straight away and dropped it off. She had her first glass already. You know we'll worship the ground you walk on if this helps her tummy, don't you, Mike?

Mike is just a great guy, he's been in Bonita Springs for forever. If you need help with locks, deadbolts, securing a residence or you locked your keys in the car, Mike is your man. He's honest as the day is long and has a heart of gold. Plus, he has a Min-Pin, too. Oh, and if you're looking for Kangen Water, he's your man there, too.

Mike Galdine 239-992-9289