Cambier Park Art & Craft Show

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Most of our activities, especially outdoor activities happen “in season”.  Hopefully, some of these posts will be evergreen and when you come to town in the winter you will be able to find fun things to do like visit the “local artists” art shows at Cambier Park in Naples, Florida.  The Art and Fine Craft Show in Cambier Park is a monthly event that is not the same as the big, sprawling art fair that closes downtown Naples on 5th.   This art show is mostly local artists and it is just a nice place to visit and easy in, easy out.  My favorite is the metal artist.  I bought a few copper dragon flies from them and will go back to get a mangrove tree next.

If you go know that city parking in the garage is usually free.  Since it’s not the big art show parking is easier to find. So is lunch.  We chose Captain and Krewe is right across the street from the art fair.  We had the lobster rolls and they were delicious.