LIttle Free Library Bonita Springs

Little Free Library Bonita Springs | 191/365 Things to Do

The other day I was visiting a park in Cape Coral and I saw their little free library.  We have them in Bonita Springs, too so I thought that I would mention our little free libraries. Right now, I only know of two little free libraries so far but I am sure there are more.  If you are reading this and know of more please comment with the location or send me an email/text.  There are over a dozen in Fort Myers.

The store called Victoria’s Place on Bonita Beach Road has a little free library and so does the clubhouse on 3rd Street and West Avenue in Bonita Shores.  There is actually a national directory for LFL’s so wherever you are traveling you can borrow a book to read.  You can find that resource here, The National Free Little Library Directory.

If you are looking for things to do, especially things to do with kids, this is a great idea. You can read the books for free and return them.  If you have a book you don’t know what to do with consider finding a free little library and leaving it behind. It’s my understanding that children’s books are very popular and they need replenished because children tend to keep them.