Bonita Springs Listing

Electronic Lockboxes Mean Safety in Bonita Springs

My daughter in law,  Angela has started working with the group as a buyer’s agent and assistant to me with some of my appointment setting. Last week she made appointments for me to show homes for sale in .  One of the homes for sale was “listing office accompany”.  That means that the agent has to open the door because 1.) the home owner does not want a lock box or 2.) the agent doesn’t own a supra lock box.  The electronic boxes are about $100.

Right before I  got to the property  the listing agent texted me that she left the door unlocked for me.  Any way this gets diced it doesn’t sit well with me; as an agent or as a home owner.  Right now I have a second home for sale (outside of the Bonita Springs area) and I would be furious if the front door was left open for an hour instead of having a lockbox on the door that literally tracks every agent who breaches the threshold.

Our electronic boxes are safe, secure and track each registered agent who enters the home.  The box  can not be accessed by anyone who is not a licensee, a member of the board of Realtors and who has set an appointment with the listing agent.  It literally tracks who they are, their brokerage, what time they entered, what time they exited the premises.  It's a great system.  Who wouldn't want to know exactly who has and has not entered the home?

If you are a home owner thinking of listing your home whether it is a modest starter home or a multi-million dollar home in Bonita Bay or a starter condo in Emerald Bay you should insist that a supra lock box be onsite even if the agent plans to arrive “to answer questions” during the showing.  The safety and security of the listed home and it’s residents is far to important to roll the dice with an unlocked door.