Bonita Springs News & Events Stream

Besides selling real estate I *really* like Bonita Springs. I like it 27 years of residency, that’s how much I like it. I am also a very nerdy type who also loves social media.  You may already be friends with me on my Facebook profile, have “liked” my Facebook page, followed me on twitter, foursquare or instagram but now there’s something new.  I have now found a way to funnel it all, all social media channels, onto one website so that people who live in Bonita Springs or are visiting the Bonita Springs, Florida area can see what is going on real time or coming up in Bonita Springs, very soon.

Here’s the deal … Bonita Springs is awesome, I want you to know that and I love getting out there meeting people.  I eat out a lot, I even run a dining group in Bonita Springs, plus I am always outside … paddleboarding or bike riding, running around town, you name it and when I do all of this, I usually document it digitally so that people can see what to do, things to do, places to go in Bonita Springs so that they’ll become involved in the community, support local businesses, use the parks, attend the festivals and so on. 

So, I cordially invite you to visit the new sister website for the digital stream that is the fabric of every day Bonita Springs, the local info, the things the locals do – because it is about Life In Bonita Springs, the every day life in Bonita Springs. See you around Bonita!