Hyatt Hotel coconut point

Leadership Bonita 2011-2012

Every Leadership Bonita program starts with a weekend retreat.  This year’s retreat, like the last few, was held at Hyatt Coconut Point on Estero Bay.  It’s a gorgeous resort hotel, by the way. I wasn’t thrilled to be away for a few days and had told myself that I could just drive the five miles home and sleep with my dog in my own house at night.  That never happened because it turned out to be so much fun.

The retreat consists of dozens of exercises performed by the group, as a group or in smaller pairs, to develop leadership skills, critical thinking, alternative thinking, listing skills and to build camaraderie and friendships.  It certainly is interesting watching large groups of people problem solve and interact. I love to people watch so that aspect was fun.

My only regret, which was unavoidable at the time, would have been not to have a back injury when I was there. Young trainer vs. middle aged woman = woman’s spine loses.

At any rate, the exercises and activities that help the group meld were fun and interesting.  The object of the retreat was for us all to get to know each other better before the Leadership Bonita program started and it worked.  We had a great time and it helped structure the group for our first Leadership program, Economic Development.

By the way, Suzanne Matteson, Matteson Consulting Group lead the retreat, in the event you’re looking for team development professional to help grow your business.