Bonita Springs Government, Parks and Utilities

Leadership Bonita students 2011-2012, sponsored by Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce, were treated to a few inside tours of several facilities in town such as Bonita Springs Utilities, Bonita Springs Parks and Recreation, Bonita Springs Code Enforcement and Bonita Springs City Hall.

Bonita Springs Utilities: Some interesting things that most Bonita Springs residents do not know is that Bonita Springs has a state of the art water treatment facility.  Water treatment at Bonita Springs Utilities is so advanced that government committees from around the world have toured the Bonita Springs facility so they can implement the system.  Apparently, the Bonita Springs Utilities have won a few taste test for best tasting water, also. 

Bonita Springs Parks Department: The Leadership Bonita tour continued to Lee Parks and Recreation on Pine Avenue in Bonita Springs, Florida.  As a long time resident, I’ve personally watched the facility grow.  Currently, the facility offers a community pool, ball fields, a full skate park, indoor basketball hoops, a full fitness center, after school programs, disc golf (nineteen holes, baskets?) and scheduled activities, and more.

Bonita Springs Code Enforcement:  Located in the historic Liles Hotel but of course most code enforcement happens on call.  Bonita Springs code enforcement is a means to protect the public from dangers and nuisances.  Other calls Bonita Springs Code Enforcement responds to is unmowed lawns and fields, dilapidated housing and structures, sign ordinance violations, misused of real estate against zoning and of course dangerous situations that fall under code violations.

Bonita Springs Government - Bonita Springs City Hall:  The better part of the afternoon was spent at Bonita Springs city hall on Bonita Beach Road. Guest speakers included State Representative Trudi Williams, Mayor Ben Nelson, City Manager Carl Schwing and consultant Joe Mazurkiewicz.  The speakers covered the gamut of city planning, business, budgeting, infrastructure.

It’s an incredible opportunity to see the behind the scenes workings of the major components of Bonita Springs Government and the sister components that residents of Bonita Springs depend upon for day to day usage, from running water to after school programs at the park. 



This post is part of a series written over the 2011-2012 year documenting the Leadership Bonita Program.  Other chapters are below in chronological order: