Lake Trafford Airboats & Alligators

Lake Trafford Airboats And Alligators | 144/365 Things to Do

Lake Trafford Airboats And Alligators is just a short forty-five minute drive to from Bonita Springs, Florida.  Airboats and Alligators is one of the best adventures you can take in Southwest Florida. Simply put, it is an airboat ride on Lake Trafford.

What is unique about their rides is you go onto a 1,500 acre lake and basically circle the lake. This lake is also known as a very good inland fishing lake and you can also rent boats from the same company. No matter what time of year you go on their airboat tour you will see something different. The wildlife is ever changing with birds nesting, alligators nesting and alligators of all sizes; tiny alligators and a few monster gators. The wild flowers are absolutely amazing! The old marina itself is a also worth visiting as there are colorful birds all around in nice cages and a variety of reptiles and snakes on display.

There are a lot of fun things to do at Airboats and Alligators but reservations are highly recommended any time of year. They are located just outside Immokalee, FL at 6001 Lake Trafford Rd. Immokalee, FL 34142.


About the author: Melinda Cochran is photographer and Southwest Florida resident. You can find more of her images at:  If you know of a great place for Melinda to capture wildlife in action send a message in the comments section of this post.