Wind at Bonita Beach & Kite Surfing

Maybe I’ve lived in Bonita Springs too long. I literally don’t visit the beach, as in Bonita Beach, as in the Gulf of flipping Mexico as much as I should. It has been taken for granted for years by this gal.

My skin is lily white and my eyes hurt when I see the sun. Back in the day I was a jet ski racing, riding, ramping fool. I had a few stellar machines that I broke on a regular basis. Never fear, each part was replaced with racing parts, stainless steel this and that until it was better than new. For those of you who know me, remember the Bumble Bee?

I started acting my age, not my shoe size a couple years ago. Now, I have to schedule in my trips to the beach. Last Wednesday I hit Bonita Beach. I think it was Access #2 with free parking and dragged my chair and camera to the shore.

A fine young man named Jaime Hudson who was totally kicking it kite surfing. To say the least I was envious. He’s in such good shape and has a decade or two on me so he wouldn’t feel as bad after doing something so strenuous. He sure did make it look easy, though – really easy. The photo above is of him explaining the harness around his ribs, the mechanism and the sail.  I heard a few war stories that curled my toes when I went over and listened.

Jaime also will teach kite surfing lessons in addition to his home pressure washing business. If you’re interested in either of his ventures email and I’ll to hook you up.

Maybe I should try wind surfing. Whattaya think?

Enjoy a few more pictures of kite surfing at Bonita Beach:

Jaime's friend showed up a little later.  He was just pumping up his sail:

Here's both of their sails in the air, are they not pretty?

I could bore you to tears with the dozens and dozens of photos I took of the kite surfers at Bonita Beach.  You can watch the rest here:  Kite Surfer Slide Show