Keller Williams Bonita Springs

KW Cares in Bonita Springs, Florida

Although I work mostly from home, I've been around the Keller Williams for a few years now and have really come to love the culture that the organization embodies. There is always a drive or a fund raiser for some person or organization that is a great worth while cause. It gets so easy to get behind an idea when you've got a group shoulder to shoulder with the same goal in mind. This little KW office has joined forces to help so many people, clubs, folks down on their luck or down on their health. It's a treat to be able to man up and make a difference.

The Bonita Springs Keller Williams agents recently gathered and shipped necessities, supplies and clothing to aid flood victims in the Midwest. A special thank you goes out to the fabulous sponsors - Fed Ex for donating *free* shipping from Florida to Iowa and All My Son’s moving company for donating boxes, tape and packing materials.

It’s just a little portion on the large scale of this disaster, but if we all just do a little portion it might just make a difference to someone, somewhere, who needs a hand up.