Jumping through hoops

Now, if there was just some way to wrap barbed wire around the hoop, too.

In a tough market, the person that makes the extra effort gets the reward. You seemed to be making extra effort.

How nice. Upon calling another agent for further information about a property, we deduced we were both working with him on the same property. I promptly invited the prospect to continue his condo search with the other agent(s) he was working with. Mr. Prospect, you're right, it's a tough market, so why pit real estate agents against each other? Why waste the time, effort, money and resources of devoted agents for no reason? For the record, no, it didn't inspire me to make the "extra effort". I was actually offended that someone would infer that I needed manipulated to perform at my best. Goodbye.

I truly love what I do. I love helping people buy homes in Bonita Springs. I don't mind working hard and I'm not afraid of "heavy lifting". What I do mind is working hard and offering die hard loyalty to my clients and not getting the same respect in return.

Here's the scoop on working with a real estate agent in Bonita Springs, Estero or anywhere else in Southwest Florida. Find a real estate agent that you're comfortable with, an agent that knows the area, an agent you trust and stick with them. If you have problems or conflict with the agent you're working with, end the relationship. Change agents, but don't get a second one. Oh, and don't think you need a different agent for every community you visit either.

Real estate agents have access to the same multiple listing service. We all [Agents] cooperate with each other and are able to show properties to buyers whether we have them listed with our brokerage, they are listed another brokerage or even for sale by owner. Find an agent and if you're going to be poking around the web or hitting open houses, just give the info you find to your agent. They don't mind, really. It's their job to get information for you. They can help you learn about the communities and also make sure you're headed in the right direction or help you make the best choices. It really is that simple.