Wave Goodbye To "Season"

If you're a seller of real estate with lofty goals of getting your home sold this season, you need to suck it up and take action now or your home just might rot on the vine over summer. We've got an early Easter, this year so seller's need to shake a tail feather.

Sellers, take the initiative: Get a fresh C.M.A. (comparative market analysis) or even an appraisal. If your home has been on the market for a while and you're wondering why it isn't selling, if you're anxious for it to sell and you want it sold by May 1st you need to get it priced to sell and ready to be sold. Read also: Why Your Bonita Springs Home is NOT Selling

Listen, interest rates are great and contrary to reports, buyers are out there. They just have so much to choose from that they are only looking at homes and condominiums that are priced right. If you don't have your home priced right it's just white noise to buyers.

So what is "priced right" to sell in the Bonita Springs real estate market?

  • The home should likely be priced at the entry level of the competition.
  • Use absorption rate calculators to make sure your home is priced in a time frame to sell.
  • The home has to appraise at the purchase price in order for a bank to lend money on it. Period. No matter how much a buyer or seller loves a home, it's only worth what an appraisal comes in at. Don't play games, you can't fool the banks.

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