Bonita Springs Sex Offender

If you're buying a Bonita Springs home, an important step in the home buying or home renting process is making sure your environment and neighborhood will be safe. Are you getting what you think you're paying for or can their be hidden dangers that you may not know about?

When you buy your Bonita Springs home you'll likely have home inspection, possibly a mold, radon or an environmental inspection. Will you inspect your neighborhood, too? As a buyer of Bonita Springs real estate you have resources at your fingertips to help you find a home in neighborhood that offers you the level of safety your family needs.

There are statistics and data that a home seller and even a real estate agent is not allowed to share with a buyer. Fair-housing laws forbid us from discussing neighborhood demographics. There are other areas of concern for home buyers such as schools and crime that real estate agents are restricted from sharing. For example, if a sex offender is residing in the neighborhood it is not required to be disclosed to potential buyers or tenants. The burden of learning and investigating the background of the neighborhood residents falls upon the buyer. Fortunately, there are now websites that offer easy access information regarding crime and resident sex offenders or sexual predators in every Bonita Springs neighborhood.

  • City Data and Statistics
  • Lee County Florida Sheriff
  • Florida Sex Offender Search

Putting foot to pavement is a good neighborhood test, too. Get out there and walk around, meet neighbors, get an eye full of the community.

  • Visit the neighborhood at various times of the day and observe the neighborhood residents, the neighborhood and the activity on the street.
  • Talk to neighborhood residents and ask them about the area, the neighbors, is there a troublemaker on the street.
  • Visit the local police department and ask how many calls have been to that neighborhoods, how many arrests and the nature of the crimes.