Number of Units Sold January 2010

Real Estate Unit Sales For SW Florida

As usual, I go back several years during the month of January to show you where we were, where we went and how Southwest Florida real estate is recovering.  This is only a few days into February so the numbers will likely be higher.  It’s good news that so much real estate is starting to change hands.

Yes, I know … Prices Are Down

I am usually a little surprised when someone says, “But real estate prices are down” after looking at the graph above.  Yes, there down.  We have excessive inventory (that would be the units) and we have to sell it off in order for real estate prices to go up.  Look, we’re selling off the units and it’s the beginning of the end of excess inventory.

There are no magic wands or easy fixes for what happened to the economy or the real estate market.  I’m still shocked by consumers that get impatient and want it all better in months, not the years it’s taking.  

Depending upon the price range of the real estate it could be months, if  you’d like to look at what price point of real estate is selling the most, read also:

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