Installing a Fence in Bonita Springs

Fencing Restrictions in Bonita Springs, Florida

If you’re thinking of improving your home by installing a privacy or safety fence to keep you children or your pets safe, here are a few tips to get you on the path to installing a fence the right way.

Whether you are installing a fence yourself or hiring there are some rules that you will need to follow.  If you are in a deed restricted community such as a gated community like Bonita Bay, Cedar Creek or Hawthorne there are community rules.  Refer to your HOA documents or contact the property management company to find out the rules about erecting a fence in the community.  If a fence is permitted there may be color, style or height restrictions that must be followed. A request to the architectural review committee may be required prior to installation.

Licensed, experienced fence contractors will know the rules and should comply but if you are installing a fence yourself you definitely need to know that the city of Bonita Springs, for example, will require a permit to install the fence.   If you’re outside the city of Bonita Springs you will want to double check with your municipality such as Estero, Fort Myers, or Naples, Florida.

Good fences make great neighbors … but first you’ll need a current, proper property survey to make sure you’re fencing your own property and not cutting down trees or removing debris that belongs to the neighbor.  In the Bonita Springs area there are utility easements, hedge lines or obstructions that may need to get cleared up prior to fence installation.

Many of the gated and deed restricted communities in the Bonita Springs area do not allow fences.  It makes for difficult community lawn mowing and maintenance so they are usually not permitted.  Many of the non-deed restricted areas such as Heitmans, San Carlos Estates and even San Carlos Park in South Fort Myers. 

There are areas such as Bonita Golf and Country Club with a mixture of deed restrictions and some homes without the rules so it is necessary to double check.

If you’d like to find a home for sale in Bonita Springs which will permit a fence installation, contact buyer agents Chris or Angela Griffith at 239-273-7430.