Chris Griffith Southwest Spotlight

Southwest Spotlight Newspaper

Well, it’s not about real estate so it’s a actually fun to write again.  If you know me or read my blog, Life In Bonita Springs, for a while you’ll know that I like the outdoors.  I like wildlife, nature, woods, rivers, you name it.  This first issue, on stands now, is about raising Monarch Butterflies because … I happen to raise Monarch butterflies as a way to recreate outside of selling real estate in Bonita Springs.  Not that being a real estate agent is stressful at all.

I look forward to writing the next article now, most likely one of our great hidden parks or nature preserve that I feel most Bonita Springs residents simply do not know about or are taking for granted.  Living in Bonita Springs is a treat and most people do not realize that city wide and even county wide our forefathers made sure there were ample parks and nature preserves for residents to enjoy.  Unfortunately, our culture is now chaining us to our desks, our game controllers and smart phones and we’re missing it.  You’re missing it.  Did you know you were missing it?

Hopefully, I’ll be able to inspires a few southwest Florida residents to cross the threshold of their comfy homes and get their hands in soil or inspired enough to put on walking shoes and get some fresh air.  Of course, if you have any  suggestions or ideas for stories, let me know.